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Many house builders are now leading the way by building more efficient homes and creating sustainable communities. We therefore realise how important it is to be alert and knowledgeable about eco-friendly build products and methods.Our commitment is to use our knowledge to advise our clients on best practice and in doing so improve the management of eco-systems for the long term.
We are also looking at ways to introduce greater sustainability into the management of our existing developments by examining recycling opportunities and ways of reducing power and fuel consumption.Asset maintenance is one of our core responsibilities, regular maintenance schedules keep technology such as biomass boilers, Communal Heating, HVAC systems, and renewable energy all working at maximum efficiency throughout its life time.Reducing energy is a pre-requisite with any large scale planning application; not only does this minimise the effect the development has on the environment but also has cost benefits for the residents.
‘Green Technology’ can be found throughout Trinity’s portfolio including; green roofs, solar panels, Photovoltaics, Biomass boilers, and rainwater harvesting.TechnologyStudies show residents attitude towards sustainability can have a direct effect on the environment; fully aware of this Trinity tries to encourage good practice where possible. Recycling being the most obvious. We also promote our paperless mail to reduce our own environmental impact.
With the emergence of electric cars Trinity has move with the times. Electric car charging points are now the norm often working hard to accommodate retrospective fittings whilst also maintaining new installations. Developers are also finding more and more ways to encourage sustainable living, such as the car club scheme at Reflections, Romford; a car-sharing initiative which enables residents to access their own transport without the expense and inconvenience of running a vehicle.Provision of amenity and recreational space is a key element to providing vitality in any development.
Part of Trinity’s responsibility is to maintain and ensure the up-keep of these public open spaces often including Play areas, outdoor gyms, water features, wildlife habitats, woodland walks, and community centres.Providing Residential Block Management services to Developers, Landlords and Right to Manage CompaniesAt Trinity, our teams are trained to the highest level and are members of a number of professional bodies to ensure all of our services are delivered effectively.
These include the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM), The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)Trinity will assist you at all stages of your development process, providing expert advice and guidance ensuring the smooth transition to our management of your developmentTrinity provide a professional and responsive management service and recognise the importance of cost-effective service delivery If your current managing agent is not communicating with you or providing a satisfactory service, explore how Trinity can assist in managing your property
Recent changes to health and safety legislation has dramatically altered the way in which residential estate management agents, freehold landlords and property management companies should go about their business. Fire Certificates have been made redundant and for some time now it has been the duty of the freeholder to show that it has carried out the necessary checks or risk assessments required under the new laws. Freehold and leasehold management companies must also demonstrate that recommendations or compliance procedures have been properly actioned in compliance with statutory legislation.
Increasingly many residential freehold and leasehold property management companies are employing specialist property managing agents to help manage their blocks of flats and apartments. However many others are resolutely sticking to their guns and continuing to manage their properties themselves.
So what makes them so sure they can?If you’re looking for a guaranteed salary, plus the right to earn further commission and services income, a Management Rights Business may be the way to go. It offers a great life style, a return on your investment and good resale potential. It really is the ultimate home business.When investing in property, one of the main measurements of success should be how much better the property you have bought has performed versus national and local averages of someone that just bought a property for a home.
Successful buy to let investors should be able to…An insight into the true value of Sinking Fund Plans when completed by the appropriate professional. This article explores the stages and key skills required when preparing such a forecast. Sinking Fund Forecasts are now a mandated piece of Legislation in New South Wales for all Strata Scheme buildings.Commonhold is a much misunderstood for of real estate and property tenure. Is it worth converting your leasehold block? How popular is it? How easy is it to do. Read on and find out if you are an apartment or flat owner.