Learning How to Succeed in Web Design

Joe Kashurba has made a name for himself in the world of web design. He started early by freelancing his skills while still in high school. Those early years helped him to develop a portfolio that led to crafting elite websites for businesses around the globe. Much of what he does today is to help others to create the same level of success for their own companies. Joe uses his own digital agency as an example for other designers to understand how to establish their own virtual presence. Through his mentorship, ambitious entrepreneurs interested in making their mark in web design will learn all of the information they need to reach whatever level of success they desire. His instructions explain all of the basic steps people need to get past the roadblocks that are preventing their organization from expanding.

  • How to work with a virtual team rather than rely on an in-house staff.
  • Where to find reliable recruits for a virtual team.
  • How to use valuable tools like Google AdWords to increase revenue.
  • Where to find initial clients and how to continuously expand a client base.
  • What mistakes all freelancers make and how to avoid them.
  • Utilizing social media to determine what path to take next.
  • How it is possible to thrive when so many companies exist that promote do-it-yourself web design.

One of the important tips that Joe makes is that people need to build a business that is based on what others need and are willing to pay to have. His web designs were not just about what looked attractive or were innovative at the time. He created sites that solved problems for the clients. He looked at their specific needs and found solutions. By doing this he proved his value exceeded the freelance design itself and made him more useful than an inexpensive website thrown together with the assistance of a few premade templates. The instruction he provides is available to anyone that wants to invest their time in learning more about the web design and advertising industries. People that have the talent and the desire to word hard and learn from his lessons will have the potential to create a business worth bragging about and a six-figure salary for themselves.